This page will give you info on how to organize your Dental Tour to Belarus and consists of following sections:

  •  Instructions on how to apply and pay for the tour.

  •  Tours description.

  •  Examples of attraction tours.

Instructions on how to apply for the tour

1. Decide what services you will need for yourself out of what we offer on the "shop" page.

2. Contact us and provide us with CT (computed tomography) scan and 3D image of your mouth and info on what procedure you are planning to be performed.

3. We will study it and come back with estimate and international contract which we will both sign.

4. Choose the tour out of 3 we offer. Description of the tours is below. Tours are part of the order and will be added to the final price at the check out page defaulting to the Basic tour, but you have a choice to change it.

Please, contact us if you have any question on how to change the tour or need help to check out.

5. Pay for the services and tour.

6. Contact us with the dates.

We will take care of everything else...

Tours description

We offer 3 types of tours, but read carefully, some of the tours are not suited for certain services: 

 Basic Tour(750 GBP):

 Includes round trip flight tickets, pick up from airport, stay up to 10 days(which is enough for the most of the procedures), meal plan, translation services. It includes all dental exams and consultations. Cannot be used with order of Nobel Biocare, MIS or MEGAGEN implants, because it requires 2 trips which is covered by other 2 tours(the only implant that doesn't require multiple trips is Straumann).


 Premium Tour(1000 GBP):

 This tour covers everything that Basic Tour does, but also covers second trip for the crown installation in case of order Nobel Biocare, MIS or MEGAGEN implants. In other case where you have not ordered those you have an upgrade to the stay up to 15 days, premium meal plan and choice of 2 attraction tours.


 VIP Tour(1250 GBP):

This tour includes everything that Premium Tour offers, but if you require 2 trips to Belarus you still have a choice of 2 attraction tours. If you don't require 2 trips you will have a choice of 4 attraction tours, souvenirs and we even can provide you a security guard or guide in case you would like to experience a night life and don't feel comfortable about it.


Examples of attraction tours

Nesvizh Castle
Belovezhskaya Pushcha
Stalin Line
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