This is the only fast implant we are offering now. 

The price includes crown.


Straumann products are the result of 20 years of experience and research that delivers superior products that comply with the highest quality standards to ensure longevity and reliability. Straumann manufactures its precision tools and dental implants in Villeret(Switzerland ) and Andover (US), while regenerative tissue are made in Malmö (Sweden). 


Why Straumann?

  • Lifelong quality and product safety.
  • The products are the result of scientific research for over 20 years.
  • Great choice of implant (SP, BL, SLA, SLActive, Roxolid) and the corresponding prosthetic components.
  • Controlled production
  • Microcomputer monitoring production and production precision parts.
  • Biocompatibility of the implants
  • Surgical-prosthetic solutions
  • Products are designed for seamless and easy application on all surgical-prosthetic solutions


Straumann dental implants are made of titanium and titanium alloys, which are characterizes by high strength, small weight and excellent resistance from corrosion which has contributed to a wide and varied use of Straumann implants in highly demanding restorative medical procedures. With all of these qualities of excellence, Straumann implants are also known for high biocompatibility of titanium implants which is the reason why after implant therapy osseointegration occurs faster or healing of implants with the surrounding bone. Each Straumann implant has guarantee on material which ensures the absence of any material defects or breakage, and to this is the reason why every Straumann implant has a unique serial number.

Straumann Implants - Swiss Made

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